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Dance Soup at Tribeca PAC

Tribeca Performing Arts Center at B.M.C.C. presents Dance Soup, the final production in its Family Folk & Fairy Tale series on at the Tribeca PAC on the 13 May 2006.

Dance Soup: Dramatic folk tales - from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean - are added to the pot, stirred, simmered and then brought to life through dance as they are narrated by a storyteller.

The ensemble of dancers for Dance Soup, choreographed by Ellis Wood and Richard Rivera, features Bonacio Crespi, Loren Davidson, M'Bewe Escobar, Amy Knauff, Cynthia Koppe, Candice Schnurr, Amanda Szeglowski, Jose Tena jr. and Kristine Willis. The stories are narrated by Nadine Mozon

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