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'Couplets' at Collective Unconscious

Lightning Strikes presents Couplets, written and directed by Mike Bencivenga, with music composed by Noel Katz, opening at the Collective Unconscious on the 7 May, following previews from the the 5 May. The show is scheduled to close on the 22 May 2005.

A new play, with music, Couplets celebrates Shakespeare�s universal words by reminding us they still resound today.

A modern story of tangled romance. Six friends speak the Bard�s words as they cruise, stumble and skid through weddings and funerals, passionate outpourings and nasty hangovers.

The cast features Talia Rubel (Abby), Stephen Aloi (Tim), Suzanne Levinson (Rosalee), Misha Pogul (Frank), John McDermott (Paul), Julie Hera (Kathleen) and Jay Aubrey Jones (Troubadour).

Playwright Mike Bencivenga has spent his career devoted equally to acting, writing, and directing in both theatre and film. He is the co-writer and director of the feature film 'Happy Hour,' starring Anthony LaPaglia and Eric Stoltz.

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