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Clifford Chase’s Winkie at 59E59's Theatre C

59E59 Theaters present Godlight Theatre Company's world premiere of Clifford Chase's Winkie, the World Premiere adaptation of Clifford Chase's Winkie, adapted by Matt Pelfrey and directed by Joe Tantalo. The show opens at 59e59's Theatre C on the 13 Mar 2011, following previews from 5 Mar, and running through to 10 Apr 2011.

Clifford Chase's Winkie: When a mild mannered teddy bear finds himself on the wrong side of America's War on Terror, he becomes trapped inside the jaws of a society rabid with fear and paranoia. Is Winkie the evil mastermind behind dozens of terrorist attacks? Or is he an innocent scapegoat for zealots on both sides of the terror wars?

The show has set and lighting design by Maruti Evans, costumes by Virginia Monte with sound by Elizabeth Rhodes.

In addition to 'Winkie' (which New York Magazine called "a parable, a bedtime story, and a phenomenal character study of a teddy bear"), Clifford Chase's books include 'The Hurry-Up Song: A Memoir of Losing My Brother' and the anthology 'Queer 13: Lesbian & Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade' (which he conceived and edited). Currently at work on a second memoir, he has contributed to publications ranging from to The Yale Review.

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