Cleopatra - A Life Unparalleled at the June Havoc Theatre

Crystal Theatre presents Cleopatra - A Life Unparalleled, book, music and lyrics by Cheryl E. Kemeny, at Abingdon's June Havoc Theatre from 16 Jul - 3 Aug 2008, as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival.

Cleopatra - A Life Unparalleled: Although many in Egypt wanted to fight the Roman invaders, Cleopatra realized the futility of such an action. Rather she wanted Egypt to become part of the Roman Empire, enjoying its protection, while remaining a power in its own right. This required her to form an alliance with Julius Caesar (using her own body as collateral). Soon after Cleopatra saw her protector cruelly snatched away, she found new opportunities (and love) in the arms of Marc Antony.

Directed by Cheryl Kemeny and Char Fromentin, and choreographed by Char Fromentin, Cleopatra - A Life Unparalleled features Matthew Surapine, Melissa Labbadia, Jessica Labbadia, Gregory Kisken, Kyle Alexander Brenn, Samantha Kulish, Jennifer Van Buskirk, Daniel Hague, David Vogel, Joe Santaniello, Cidalia Alves and Laura Piacenza.

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