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Cirque De Legume at 59E59's Theater C

The world premiere of Cirque De Legume, created and performed by Jaimie Carswell and Nancy Trotter, with direction by Pablo Ibarluzea, will be presented as part of the 1st Irish Festival.

The comedy opens at 59e59's Theatre C on the 11 Sep 2011, following previews from 6 Sep, and runs through to 2 Oct 2011.

Cirque De Legume is 50 minutes of comic mayhem as two idiots put on a Cirque-du-Soleil type show using only a chair an a box of cast-off vegetables. Marvel at the Veget-animal! Be enthralled by the Leek of Power! Fantasize over the Onion Strip Tease!

The show is a comic love story between two clowns and their vegetables as they visits the margins of our cast-off, disposable world to discover the impermanence of everything and the magic of life that grows underground and unseen.

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