'Chantecler' at Teatro LA TEA

Chantecler, by Edmond Rostand and translated by Kay Nolte Smith, opens on the 1 May 2005 at Teatro LA TEA at Clemente Soto Valez Cultural Center, following previews from the 28 Apr and rins through to the 22 May 2005

Edmond Rostand's (author of Cyrano de Bergerac) Chantecler is an animal allegory about a rooster who believes that his song makes the sun rise. The play explores the themes of inspiration, finding our place in society, and overcoming our greatest doubts and fears.

Throughout this production, classic storytelling and live visual artistry combine to explore Rostand�s themes of coming-of-age, creativity, and finding hope in a hostile world. 11 actors portray over 100 characters, using masks, puppets, and physical characterizations. A three piece band underscores the action, and a visual artist (utilizing state-of-the-art technology) will create the world of the play as it transpires.

Not seen in New York since its original Broadway production in 1911, Kay Nolte Smith's fresh translation of Rostand�s Chantecler emphasises the poetry .

Cory Einbinder directs a cast that includes Drae Campbell, Charles Goonan, Talaura Harms, Jessica Jolly, Kalle Macrides, Josh Mclane, Alanna Medlock, Madeline Muravchik, Orion Taraban, and Aaron Mostkoff Unger

Creative staff includes: Suzanne Chesney (Costume Designer), James Bedell (Lighting Designer), Diana Whitten (Art Director), Brian Matthews (Puppet and Wing Builder), Johnathan Zeh (Illustrator), and Todd Smith, Terrence McCafferty (Technical Directors).The show contains original music by Joel Griffin

Chantecler is being produced off Broadway by The Adhesive Theater Project in association with Off the Leesh Productions.

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