Butt-Crack Bingo By The Club at La MaMa E.T.C

Mon 27 Oct 2003 Butt-Crack Bingo By The Club at La MaMa E.T.C Butt-Crack Bingo by The Club at La MaMa E.T.C , 74A East Fourth Street, from 13 to 30 Nov 2003. Downtown vulgarian playwright Jack Bump and director David Soul will team up again for an evening of what the Village Voice has generously called 'happy ill-mannered sex farces.' It's the time of the year when families fight over the part of the turkey that went over the fence last. So, two parts of the three-play bill will be on Thanksgiving themes. Not to be outdone by anybody's holiday menu, the program for the evening is arranged like a three-course meal. The appetizer, 'What We Have to be Thankful For,' will be a curtain raiser by Alien Comic Tom Murrin, celebrating the laughs and horrors of family turkey day dinners. The Main Course will be 'Who'll Carve the Turkey?,' a new comic/gothic play for eight actors by Jack Bump. In the play, two related families get together for Thanksgiving and alcohol, drugs and dirty secrets are served right along with the cranberry sauce. Father John and Mother Mary, along with their adolescent children, Bill and Dorothy, entertain Uncle Harry (John's brother), Aunt Mabel and their also-adolescent cousins, Nora and Paul. During the amenities, animosities surface; the adults bicker and break confidences while the pubescent youths play games and then play havoc. The play is acted by April Sweeney, Gibson Frazier, Jeff Biehl, Danny Camiel, Laura Flanagan, Brian Bickerstaff, Laura Kindred and Eve Udesky. Dessert will be 'Rehearsal,' a short new play by Bump, wherein two willing young actors, played by Brian Bickerstaff and Eve Udesky, practice the staging of a bad play's 'serious sex scene' despite the questionable input of the older director played by Conrad Rheims.

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