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Buried Child at the Access Theatre

Nicu�s Spoon presents Buried Child, by Sam Shepard, opening at the Access Theater on 5 Oct, following a preview on the 4 Oct and running through to 22 Oct 2006.

Buried Child tells the story concerns Dodge, a curmudgeonly old father and his wife Haile who live with their eldest son Tilden in a remote Illinois farm house. The couple constantly humiliate each other with casually cruel comments whilst Tilden, a hulking child like presence is openly derided for his failure to be able to take care of himself. Their younger son Bradley who is dependant on a false leg for mobility lives near by and the couple mourn a lost son, constantly referred to as being a dead hero and everything the other two sons are not. When Tilden's long lost son Vince and his girlfriend Shelly pay the family a visit it is the catalyst for all of the dark secrets to come tumbling out of the closet.

Directed by S. Barton-Farcas, Buried Child features Wynne Anders (Halie), Wendy Clifford (Shelley), Erwin Falcon (Vince), David Marantz (Bradley), Alvaro Sena (Father Dewis), Jim Williams (Dodge) and Darren Fudenske (Tilden).

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