"Brooklyn, The Musical" to open at Plymouth Theatre on 21 Oct 2004.

Wed 5 May 2004 "Brooklyn, The Musical" to open at Plymouth Theatre on 21 Oct 2004. Brooklyn, The Musical is scheduled to begin previews on 23 Sep 2004 and opens officially on 21 Oct 2004 at the Plymouth Theatre. Brooklyn, The Musical is a new Broadway musical written by Mark Schoenfeld and Barri McPherson. It has direction & musical staging by Jeff Calhoun and music supervision by John McDaniel. Casting and design team will be announced soon This production marks the Broadway debut for the writing collaboration of Mark Schoenfeld and Barri McPherson. Mark first met Barri in 1982 upon hearing her sing at a cabaret and hired her to record some of his music. Shortly thereafter, Barri moved to New Hampshire to raise a family. Years later, in 1990, Barri returned to New York to perform at a private-party gig. She involuntarily stopped at a remote street corner in Brooklyn Heights after hearing the sound of a voice she vaguely recognized. She discovered that Mark had become a homeless street performer, getting by on $40 a day. Barri invited Mark back to New Hampshire to stay with her husband and 1-month old baby. Mark repaid Barri by developing music with and for her and soon, the street poet and cabaret singer had the skeleton of a most unusual new musical. Leading the producing team that will bring Brooklyn, The Musical to Broadway are Producers Four, Jeff Calhoun and John McDaniel. Brooklyn, The Musical takes place on a street corner, where a troop of homeless street performers, act as modern day apostles. For some spare change and a few moments of your time, they will shed their homeless skin and become the bigger than life characters in a tale of discovery. Brooklyn, The Musical is a saga about a beautiful young Parisian songstress, whose fame and fortune could not fill the emptiness in her soul. Believing in her heart that the father she never knew might somehow, somewhere still be alive, she embarks on a search which leads to the city that bears her name. It is there she learns about the �American Way� and is confronted with greed, envy, and loss and the American way... and it is there in that city, that she and we discover our real identities and the true meaning of family, fame, fate and faith. Ticket information will be announced soon. BROOKLYN is premiering at the New Denver Civic Theatre, on May 7th, 2003 for a six-week limited engagement.

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