Broadway for Black Lives Matter advocacy event starts tonight

The three-day event is open to anyone in the theatre community, and registration is free.

The Broadway Advocacy Coalition's forum "Broadway for Black Lives Matter Again" begins tonight, Wednesday, June 10. The goal of the three-part event is for the "Broadway community to heal, listen, and hold itself accountable to its history of white supremacy while moving towards becoming an anti-racist and equitable space."

The "Again" in the name of the forum recalls the inaugural event in 2016 "Broadway for Black Lives Matter," and reminds the theater community there is still much work to be done.

The event is focused on the Broadway industry, but is intended for anyone who currently works or aspires to work in the theatre industry, including "actors, stage managers, producers, ushers, marketing interns, industry vets, recent theater grads, from New York and beyond."

Day one of the forum, titled "A Day of Healing" will take place Wednesday, June 10th from 5-6:30PM. This forum is intended to be a safe space for Black industry members only, and organizers ask non-Black participants to respect that space.

Days two and three are respectively titled "A Day of Listening" and "A Day of Accountability," where white allies will learn about bias in the industry and explore steps to dismantle systemic racism. Day two takes place on Thursday, June 11 from 5-6:30PM) and Day three will take place on Friday, June 12 from 5-6:30PM. The sessions were designed to be two-parts of the whole experience, so organizers request that participants register for both days.

Broadway Advocacy Coalition was founded in 2016 by Jackie Bell, Amber Iman, Cameron J. Ross, Britton Smith, Adrienne Warren, and Christian Dante White "as an immediate response to our nation's most deadly pandemic. The virus that enables police brutality, inequality in the workplace, and disproportionate representation in positions of power: racism."

Register for Broadway for Black Lives Matter Again here. 


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