Brits Off-Broadway 2006 at 59e59 Theatres

59e59 Theatres announce the 2006 lineup for their annual festival Brits off-Broadway. The festival presents 11 shows from Britian.

The Brits Off-Broadway 2006 presents:

  • The Bogus Woman
    Playwrite: Kay Adshead
    Director: Kully Thiarai
    Cast: Sarah Niles
    Synopsis: After fleeing her country following the mass murder of her family, a distressed and beaten African woman is interrogated at Heathrow, and subsequently locked up in the UK's national refugee detention center, Campsfield House.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 2 - 21 May

  • Defying Hitler
    Playwrite: Sebastian Haffner and adapted for the stage by Rupert Wickham
    Director: Peter Symonds
    Cast: Rupert Wickham
    Synopsis: An adaptation of the memoirs of Sebastian Haffner, a young German growing up in Berlin between the two world wars.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 2 - 21 May

  • Beau Brummell
    Playwrite: Ron Hutchinson
    Director: Tom Rand
    Cast: Ian Kelly and Ryan Early
    Synopsis: About Beau Brummell, the legendary British dandy.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 9 May - 11 Jun

  • Cooking For Kids
    Playwrite: Ian Kelly
    Director: Simon Green
    Cast: Ian Kelly
    Synopsis: A solo show based on the life of Antonin Careme, the first celebrity chef, and follows his rise to become a chef for Napoleon, the Prince Regent, Tsar Alexander I and others.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 10 May - 11 Jun

  • Gecko's Race
    Playwrite: Gecko
    Director: Amit Lahav and Al Nedjari
    Cast: Gecko
    Synopsis: In the mania of modernity, one man is on a collision course with his future, sprinting to the most important moment of his life. But will he be ready?
    Numbed by the ordinary world, an extraordinary experience is upon him. How can a man prepare to meet his first child? Something so beautiful and yet so shocking. What will he feel the moment he sees his child's eyes?
    Venue: 59E59's Theater A
    Dates: 16 May - 4 Jun

  • Cloud-Burst
    Playwrite: Chris O'Connell
    Director: Chris O'Connell
    Cast: Graeme Hawley
    Synopsis: A man struggles to pick up the pieces after the murder of his 10 year-old daughter.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 23 May - 11 Jun

  • Private Peaceful
    Playwrite: Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Simon Reade
    Director: Simon Reade
    Cast: Alexander Campbell.
    Synopsis: A tale of a 16 year-old World War 1 soldier's final hours before a dawn execution by firing squad.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 24 May - 11 Jun

  • Nothing
    Playwrite: Adapted from the novel by Henry Green by Andrea Hart
    Director: Philip Prowse
    Cast: Cast of seven led by Sophie Ward and Simon Dutton
    Synopsis: A caustic comedy of manners surrounding the impending marriage of the children of two ex-lovers.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater A
    Dates: 7 Jun - 2 Jul

  • After The End
    Playwrite: Dennis Kelly
    Director: Roxana Silbert
    Cast: Loo Breakley and Tom Brooke
    Synopsis: Following a nuclear attack, office geek Mark risks his life to rescue the woman he has worshipped from afar, sheltering them both in his nuclear fallout bunker. Living on rations of tuna and canned chili, Louise begins to suspect that perhaps this nuclear attack never happened.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 13 Jun - 2 Jul

  • Stories For The Wobbly Hearted
    Playwrite: Daniel Kitson
    Cast: Daniel Kitson
    Synopsis: A collection of joyous, intimate, funny, sad, poignant and life affirming stories told by lamplight.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 13 - 28 Jun

  • Love Me Tender - The Songs Of Elvis Presley
    Cast: Barb Jungr
    Synopsis: Barb Jungr interprets the song book of The King, Elvis Presley. A dark and intriguing journey through, love, loneliness, obsession and faith, Love Me Tender explores some of his lesser-known gospel songs and mines the hits that made him a legend.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 29 Jun - 2 Jul

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