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Boxed In: Two New Plays, at the Royal Theatre at the Producer's Club

Project Oriented Productions present Boxed In: Two New Plays, a night of two one-acts, at the Royal Theatre at the Producer's Club from 1 - 18 May 2008.

The two plays are:

  • Cornered
    Playwright: Kellie Arens
    Director: Debbie Slevin
    Synopsis: A contemporary absurdist take on being lower than the lowest step on a corporate ladder. Fawn, a young woman drowning in student loans and credit debt, decides to take a cashier position at Corner World to make extra cash. She quickly realizes this casual 'job' will cost her more than she expected.
  • Transit
    Playwright: Jonathan Albert
    Director: Cristina Alicea
    Synopsis: About two men, Pat and Sam, waiting for change to come in the form of a train, ferry or something less tangible, something to take them away from their stagnant routine. They are stuck, trapped, boxed in by their own life choices and only with the realization that individual strength is the only salvation will anything ever change.

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