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Beyond The Veil at Where Eagles Dare Theatre

Beyond The Veil, by John Chatterton, at the Where Eagles Dare Theatre from the 2 - 26 Feb 2006.

In Beyond The Veil a scientist in Victorian England finds his ordered life turned upside down in this erotic mystery when he suffers a personal tragedy predicted by a medium and receives a visitation from a long-dead love during a seance. Determined to test the validity of spiritualism, he begins a series of experiments that may end up costing him everything he holds dear.

Beyond The Veil's cast, directed by John Chatterton, features: James Arden, Nora Armani, Sean Dill, Naama Kates, Gregg Lauterbach, and Sarah Yahr Tucker.

The production has set and costume design by Roi Escudero 'Bubi' and is produced by John Chatterton and the La Muse Venale Acting Troupe.

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