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Becca and Heidi at Chashama

Ian Crawford presents Becca and Heidi, a one woman coedy show written by Sharon Eberhardt, performed by Lindsay Anderson and directed by Blake Lawrence, will play atChashama from 12 - 22 Aug 2007.

Becca and Heidi: A quiet, mousy young nurse named Becca, whose life is otherwise unremarkable, awakens from a series of blackouts to find that she has rescued a mother and baby from a flaming car wreck, saved a failing hip operation at work, freed animals from a lab experiment and brazenly given a 'peak sexual experience' to her best friend's boyfriend, a medical researcher.

These deeds have all been the work of 'Heidi,' who has somehow taken over her body and run amok with her life--like a kinder, gentler Jekyll-and-Hyde. Shocked by her new guts, resourcefulness and sassiness, Becca struggles to take back her life, or at least adjust to her new-found personality. In doing so, she learns that what makes a person good or bad is more complex than she had thought.

Set design by Erica Hemminger, with lighting by Daniel Ordower and sound by Joanna Lynn Staub.

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