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'Bath Party,' extends at the HERE Arts Center

Bathtub productions presentation of Bath Party by Meital Dohan, Karen Shefler and Ayelet Dekel, performed by Israeli film star Meital Dohan, directed by Karen Shefler, extends at the HERE Arts Center.

The show will play from the 21 Oct - 19 Nov 2005. The comedy's original schedule ran from the 21 Aug - 18 Sep 2005

Meital Dohan, a movie star in Israel, tells the personal story of her long-distance infatuation with America. She�s a star in her home country, but in America she�s just another immigrant in search of the American Dream. Nearly nude with a bath tub as her pulpit and a video screen, a Filipino manicurist and a gay Texan stage manager as her co-stars, the stunning Ms. Dohan dances, sings and waxes on about everything American from nationality and identity to the globalization of American culture. She draws parallels from her experience to that of immigrants universally. The show is a 21st Century compendium of pop-cultural ideas with an unrelenting beat and even a 'Charlie�s Angels' style action sequence.

�This is a very kinetic production which adds to tackling the themes,� says director Karen Shefler. �Issues of immigration and American Globalization and the redefining of the American Dream are at the forefront right now. We have chosen to tell this story in a fun and exciting way so as to appeal to the wide audience that these themes are relevant to.�

Bath Party cast features: Meital Dohan, PJ Mehaffey and Susan Hyon.

Bath Party has set design by Arnulfo Maldonado, costumes by Moza Saracho and lighting by Stacey Boggs.

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