"Aunt Dan and Lemon" by Wallace Shawn, at the Clurman from 8 Dec 2003

Wed 26 Nov 2003 "Aunt Dan and Lemon" by Wallace Shawn, at the Clurman from 8 Dec 2003 The New Group presents Aunt Dan and Lemon by Wallace Shawn, which will open at the Clurman, Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street (Off Broadway) 18 Dec 2003, following previews from 8 Dec, and booking to 31 Jan 2004 The play will feature Kristen Johnston (Aunt Dan), Lili Taylor (Lemon), Marcia Stephanie Blake, Liam Craig, Idris Elba, Melissa Errico, Carlos Leon, Emily Cass McDonnell, Brooke Sunny Moriber, Maulik Pancholy, Stephen Park , Bill Sage. It is directed by Scott Elliott, designed by Derek McLane, lighting by Jason Lyons and costumes by Eric Becker. Aunt Dan and Lemon centers on a romantic friendship between an adult and a child, which nourishes an addiction to vicarious violence. A political horror story, the play is an unnerving mixture of the delicious and the nauseating, exploring the relationship between agreeable people and the acts performed on their behalf by others.

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