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Attorney for the Damned - a rock musical extends its run through to 4 Jun

KGB Bar have extended their presentation of Attorney for the Damned - a rock musical, conceived and written by Denis Woychuk, composed by Rob McCulloch, through to 4 Jun 2008.

The musical opened at the Kraine Theater on 13 Mar, and was originally scheduled to close on 30 Apr 2008.

Attorney for the Damned: A young lawyer wants to help the poor; her boss assigns her two destitute mental patients who frighten and disturb her. When she asks the judge to let her drop their cases, she is denied. Despite her struggle with her conscience, she gets them both released, only to have one of them kidnap the other characters, herself included, to judge them as God's avenging angel. Her other client emerges as a hero, sacrificing himself for others and answering the central question of the piece: 'What makes a hero?'

Directed by Stephen Vincent Brennan, Attorney for the Damned features Allison Johnson, Ray Fisher, Brian Ferrari, Patrick Mattingly, Maria Dalbotten, Rob Hunter and Julie Megan Smith. The chorus includes Norma Gomez, Amanda Ochoa, Boskim Jeon and Angelina Monirozich.

The creative team comprises Gwendolyn E. Witkin (sets), Jeaho Lee (costumes) and James Proko (lighting).

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