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Architecting, workshop production, at 3LD Art & Technology Center

Two-time winners of the Edinburgh Fringe First Award, The TEAM presents its newest work-in-process Architecting at Manhattan's 3LD Art and Technology Center.

Workshop performances of this new American saga for the 21st century will be presented from 14 - 18 May 2008. Written in collaboration with Davey Anderson, Dave Polato, Lucy Kendrick Smith and Nathan Wright, Architecting is co-produced by the National Theatre of Scotland Workshop (Blackwatch at St. Ann's) and is scheduled to premiere at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Told in four chapters, Architecting weaves through this nation's past and future to create a requiem for modern America. This multimedia time-bending epic about the reconstruction of nations and selves begins with Henry Adams, the brilliant, narcissistic and hysterical scion of two Presidents. Equipped with an 18th century education, Adams awakens to find himself required to play the game of the twentieth century. We then travel to Margaret Mitchell's Atlanta, and the landscape of her sweeping and politically alarming novel Gone With the Wind. A road-trip taken by the two loneliest people in Arkansas transports us to the Miss Scarlett O'Hara pageant, where worlds collide in an explosion of history and guilt. When the smoke clears, we are in the future: a young messianic architect, trailed by a boy with a Dr. Pepper, envisions a new American cathedral�

Directed by Rachel Chavkin, Architecting features Kristen Sieh, Jessica Almasy, Frank Boyd, Jill Frutkin, Libby King and Jake Margolin.

The creative team comprises Nick Vaughan (sets & costume), Jake Heinrichs (lighting) and Matt Hubbs (sound).

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