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Apostasy, by Gino Dilorio, at Urban Stages

Urban Stages presents Apostasy, by Gino Dilorio, opening at Urban Stages on 29 Mar 2007, following previews from 24 Mar and running through to 6 May 2007.

Apostasy: Sheila is a successful, middle-aged Jewish businesswoman who has a terminal illness. Until now Judaism has been her security blanket, but its teachings are no longer providing the comfort she seeks. A charismatic black televangelist walks off the TV screen, through Sheila's back door and into her fragile life. The choice is his arms or the arms of her daughter. When you are about to bite the dust, do you take a bite of the apple? Do you choose forbidden fruit or the fruit of your loins?

Directed by Frances Hill, Apostasy features Susan Greenhill, Susan Louise O'Connor and Harold Surratt.

Set design by Roman Tatarowicz, with lighting by Josh Bradford and sound by David M. Lawson.

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