All the Huey Lewis songs in 'The Heart of Rock and Roll' on Broadway

The critically acclaimed jukebox musical rom-com rocks with dozens of Huey Lewis and the News hits including "The Power of Love" and "Stuck With You."

Joe Dziemianowicz
Joe Dziemianowicz

Every rom-com needs a great song list. In the Huey Lewis and the News jukebox musical The Heart of Rock and Roll, the band's hit songs from the '80s are seamlessly threaded into the lighthearted love story of coworkers Bobby (Corey Cott) and Cassandra (McKenzie Kurtz), who team up to make their dreams of success come true.

“The Power of Love,” “Stuck With You,” “If This Is It,” and more fan-favorite ear candy appears in the show written by Jonathan A. Abrams and directed by Gordon Greenberg that’s “powered end-to-end by ‘80s nostalgia,” New York Theatre Guide’s review reads.

Find out more about all the songs in the show at the James Earl Jones Theatre, and then feel the power of love for yourself.

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“Overture/Bobby’s Daydream”

Bobby, a blue-collar working stiff in the 1980s, gets lost in a blast from the past as he recalls a tune his band used to perform. “Do you believe in love?” they sing in harmony. Then fantasy fades into reality: He's not getting his big break; he's in the break room.

“Hip to Be Square”

“I used to be a renegade,” sings Bobby, who traded being a maverick musician for making cardboard boxes. Released as a single from Huey Lewis and the News' Fore! LP in 1986, the catchy hit famously gets name-checked in American Psycho.

“Be Someone”

The heartfelt song, which Lewis wrote with Johnny Colla and Brian Usifer for the show, marked Lewis's return to music after hearing-related health issues. “I wanna be someone who’s proud of who he is,” belts Bobby, whose wish is universal.

"Be Someone" was released in 2020 on the album Weather.'

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“Don’t Make Me Do It”

This burst of bubblegum pop off the 1980 Huey Lewis and the News album addresses the struggle of making tough decisions. Cassandra sings it as her friend encourages her to dive back into the dating pool.

“Workin’ for a Livin’”

This upbeat track from 1982's Picture This album blends rock and blues into a shoutout to the realities — and the joys — of a job well done. With a bit of lyrical tweaking from the original, the song sheds light on Cassandra; her dad (John Dossett), who owns the box business; and human resources head Roz (Tamika Lawrence).

“I Know What I Like”

“I can be stubborn when I’ve made up my mind,” sings Cassandra, who gives a glimpse into what makes her tick with this tune. It’s from the album Fore!, and it rose into the Top 10 on the Billboard charts.

“I Never Walk Alone”/“Finally Found a Home”

“It ain’t what you’ve got, it’s who you know; we take that with us wherever we go.” Those lyrics from “I Never Walk Alone” becomes a bonding cry for Bobby and his bandmates. “Finally Found a Home”, from the chart-topping 1983 album Sports, puts the notion of belonging in a different perspective.

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“That’s Not Me”

Off the 1991 album Hard at Play, the song provides a showcase for the creepy Tucker, who has his eye on his ex-girlfriend, Cassandra.

“Give Me the Keys (And I’ll Drive You Crazy)”

A single from the 1988 album Small World, the tune motored up to number 47 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song speaks to how freewheeling romance can be. “We don’t need any destination, baby, anywhere you wanna go.”

“The Pitch”

This moment in the show borrows from a song off Picture This about making choices in life and “giving it all up for love.”

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“Do You Believe in Love?”

The obvious answer to this question is yes! The lively song with an infectiously catchy chorus was released in 1982 on Picture This. It was the group’s first Top 10 U.S. hit. Snippets of the tune pop up in the show earlier — during Bobby's reverie and, later, when he comes up with a scheme to boost his career — but when we hear it in full, he's rocking out with his band again.

“The Heart of Rock & Roll”

The timeless, signature hit off Sports celebrates the enduring spirit of rock and roll. For Bobby and his bandmates, the lyrical message “the heart of rock and roll is still beating” becomes a mantra for getting the group back together.

“You Crack Me Up”

Released in 1983 as part of Sports, the song was inspired by people the band had encountered on their way to success. The song fits into a scene set at a Spandex-happy ’80s aerobics class, with some lyric changes. “Someone in your shape shouldn’t be driving” becomes “Someone in your shape should be thriving.”

“It’s All Right”

A Curtis Mayfield cover by Huey Lewis and the News, the song with an insistent groove swells under a sweet moment shared by Bobby and Cassandra. “It’s All Right” is also a repeated refrain throughout The Heart of Rock and Roll.

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“I Want a New Drug”

An ’80s rock anthem off Sports, the song’s object of desire is something that stirs deep emotions: “One that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you.” In the show, Bobby’s “drug” is his beloved guitar.

“Doing It All for My Baby”

This tune from Fore! made history when it became the fifth Top 10 hit off the album. No group had achieved that feat before. The soulful song and emotive vocals are all about wearing your heart on your sleeve – and it fits the scene in which it appears, shared between Cassandra and her dad, like a glove.

“Stuck With You”

This romantic earworm from Fore! stays in your brain for days when you hear it. The song was inspired by a woman Huey Lewis liked, who turned out not to care for the song. Talk about sticky. A similar situation arises during this number in The Heart of Rock and Roll.

“It Hit Me Like a Hammer”

Released in 1991 as part of the album Hard at Play, the tune sees Cassandra realize her feelings of love. “He looks into me,” she belts, “sees right through me.” What will she do?

“Back in Time”

“Don’t bet the future on one roll of the dice,” this song, written for the 1985 movie Back to the Future, wisely warns. The tune is played on the main character Marty McFly’s alarm clock, and in The Heart of Rock and Roll, it serves as a wake-up call for Bobby.

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“Jacob’s Ladder”

“Step by step, rung by rung.” That simple but eloquent lyric from this song off Fore! lands with meaning. It’s about getting through life day by day. For Bobby’s band, it’s about inching bit by bit towards success.

“The Only One”

Inspired by an ill-fated kid Lewis knew in his youth, the sobering song from “Picture This” becomes a moment for Bobby to reflect on his dad.

“Perfect World”

Released as the first single from Small World, the song delivers a big, declarative message to “keep on dreaming.” It’s a reminder Bobby needs to hear, and it comes at the perfect time.

“If This Is It”

“Girl, don’t lie just to save my feelings,” Bobby belts. This chart-topping song off Sports is all about uncertainty in a relationship, and a writer for the music magazine Cash Box once described it as “doo-wop at its finest.” In the musical, it’s used in dramatic fashion.

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"Giving It All Up for Love"

This heartfelt track off “Picture This” is about making sacrifices for love and embracing the vulnerability that comes with it.

“The Power of Love”

“It’s strong and it’s sudden, it can be cruel sometimes, but it might just save your life.” This message is immortalized in the endlessly catchy song from the movie Back to the Future (and the Broadway musical version), and it speaks volumes.

Besides becoming a number-one hit, the song was nominated for an Oscar. The song rocks hard as the finale of The Heart of Rock and Roll.

Additional The Heart of Rock and Roll songs

Throughout the show, snippets of “Do You Believe in Love,” “It’s All Right,” “Don’t Make Me Do It,” “The Power of Love,” and “Be Someone,” appear as either reprises after the full thing or "preprises" before it. In all cases, the payoff of hearing the full song rocks.

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