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Alcestis at Theatre 315

Handcart Ensemble presents Alcestis, by Euripides, adapted by Ted Hughes, at Theatre 315 from 19 Apr - 5 May 2007.

Alcestis: King Admetos, doomed to an early death, is given a chance to live if someone will agree to die in his place. When others refuse, his wife Alcestis unexpectedly offers up her own life. After Alcestis has died, questions remain: Was Admetos ignoble in accepting his wife's sacrifice? How to carry on with dignity after irrevocable loss? And is any loss truly irrevocable?

Directed by J. Scott Reynolds and choreographed by Andrea Homer-Macdonald, Alcestis features Steve Abbruscato, Ron Bopst, Tracee Chimo, David D�Agostini, Matthew Herrick, Robert Mobley, Nicholas Alexiy Moran, Jane Pejtersen and Laurie Schroeder.

Costumes by Jessa-Raye Court and lighting by David Kniep.

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