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'A Beginner's Guide To Deicide' at Center Stage

Vampire Cowboy's Theatre Company's A Beginner's Guide To Deicide, a new comedy by Qui Nguyen & Robert Ross Parker, opens at Center Stage on the 3 Apr 2005, following previews from the 31 Mar. The show is scheduled to close on the 17 Apr 2005.

A Beginner's Guide To Deicide traces the epic odyssey of Lucy, a Catholic schoolgirl (and all-around whiz with a battle-axe), who�s seeking God--whom she considers unjust and evil--so that she can take The Big Guy out once and for all.

Accompanied by her scientifically-minded sidekick Mary, the duo is helped along by evolutionist Charles Darwin, who tells them to go back to the dawn of time to find God. And so they do, engaging in hilariously gory battles along the way with the likes of The Pope, Frederich Neitzche, Dante Alighieri, Joan of Arc and Jesus Christ. It all leads to a final, all-or-nothing showdown with the Omnipotent One himself.

Featured in the cast are Dan Deming, Caitlin Dick and Andrea Marie Smith, with Christian T. Chan, Tom Myers and Nathan Lemoine.

Why an irreverent comedy about such a sensitive topic? According to Qui Nguyen �I don�t think people laugh enough when it comes to the subject of God. Growing up in the deep South, preachers were always telling me that the Bible is the greatest story of all time. If that�s true, then they shouldn�t have a problem with us tweaking it a little, right? Everyone keeps revamping old movies and television shows. Isn�t about time someone came along and re-imagined God for a more contemporary audience?�

A Beginner's Guide To Deicide is directed by it's co-author Robert Ross Parker, with scenic design by Nick Francone, lighting design by Kimberly Klearman and Nick Francone, and costumes by Jessica Wegener. Original music is by Tim Marcus.

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