A Bard's Day's Night ('s Dream) at American Theatre of Actors

A Bard's Day's Night ('s Dream), written and directed by by Jory Levine, at American Theatre of Actors from 7 Sep - 1 Oct 2006.

A Bard's Day's Night ('s Dream): The play lampoons and honors the Shakespearean canon all at once, deftly doing so in the bard�s very own milieu of iambic pentameter. The plot is a melange of Hamlet and Midsummer� but quickly digresses and addresses the entire folio. Characters� names and motives are amalgamated as everyone tries to fulfill their agenda despite not being in 'their' play anymore.

A Bard's Day's Night ('s Dream) features John Bertrand, Russell Jordan, John D�Arcangelo, Wendy Charles, Morgan Jae, Aimee McCabe, Frank Lin, Skyih S. Smith, Jess Ann Smith, Alan Pagano, Jory Levine, Daniel Kemna, Joshua Levine, Dan Rice, Dale Davidson, Ledwin Lopez, Torre Reigns, Nick Fondulis, Jonathan Lang, Heather Wildenberger, William Sudan Mason, David Caesar Harrison, Henrik Petersen, Joel Altherr, John Scamardella and Madalyn McKay.

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