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'4play...Sex In A Series' a four part comedy presented over two nights at Lucky Jack's

Trip presents 4play...Sex In A Series, a live four part situational comedy presented over two nights at Lucky Jack's from the 2 Nov - 17 Dec 2005.

4play...Sex In A Series, written by Graham Brown, Nathan Faudree and Lisa Roth, is the not so simple story of boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl and all the little things in relationships that can ruin a perfectly good dinner party. The story is told in a sitcom format that is staged in trip's intimate style of presenting the action in and throughout the audience.

4play...Sex In A Series is presented in four episodes that span two nights with a brief recap at the beginning of the second night.
In episode 1, we meet the characters and see the blossoming of each of the three new romances.
Episode 2 explores the dating life of each couple, with a surprise visit from a sexy stranger thrown into the mix.
In episode 3, all of the characters are brought together at an explosive dinner party, and the secrets of each relationship start to unravel.
Finally, in episode 4 the three couples learn to accept the past and proceed with their futures. One couple finds true love, one couple searches for a way back to each other, and one couple decides that it was always �just one of those things.�

The cast for 4play...Sex In A Series features: Graham Brown (also the show's director), Nathan Faudree, Corey Ann Haydu, Jessica Jolly, Emily Merryn, Aaron Sandler, Phil Wilcox and Kira Blaskovich.

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