1776 at St. Bart's Playhouse

The musical comedy 1776, book by Peter Stone, music & Lyrics by Sherman Edwards, will play at St. Bart's Playhouse from 8 - 18 Nov 2007.

It's the summer of 1776, and the colonies are ready to declare independence from the shackles of the British Empire... if only our founding fathers can agree to do it! Follow John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson as they attempt to convince their fellow members of the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to vote for freedom from England by creating and signing the Declaration of Independence.

Directed by Brian Feehan, 1776 features Brien Milesi (John Adams), Jim Mullins (Benjamin Franklin), Michael Weems (Thomas Jefferson), Kevin Kiniry (John Dickinson), David Pasteelnick (Richard Henry Lee), Jason Burrow (Edward Rutledge), Amy Jane Finnerty (Abigail Adams), Reanna Moskovitz (Martha Jefferson), Joe Hunt (John Hancock), Dan Grinko (Roger Sherman), Bradford Harlan (Col. Thomas McKean), David Salyers (Caesar Rodney), Bob Oliver (Stephen Hopkins), Michael Blake (Samuel Chase), Miles Lott (James Wilson), Ken Altman (Dr. Lyman Hall), Kelvin Ortega (George Read), Mitch Shapiro (Robert Livingston), Robert Marz (Joseph Hewes), Joseph Gambino (Charles Thompson), Jack Molyneaux (Josiah Bartlett), Bill McEnaney (Lewis Morris), Brian Haggerty (Jonathan Witherspoon), Michael Vannoni (Courier), Rich Berens (Andrew McNair) and Jack Barnett (Leather Apron/ Painter).

The creative team comprises Brian Howard (sets), Anne Lommel (costumes) and Jay Scott (lighting).

The original Broadway production was the winner of Five Tony awards (1970), including Best Book and Best Musical.

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