Space Dogs

Have an out-of-this-world time at the theatre with the world premiere of Space Dogs. The brand-new musical is part of MCC Theater's reopening season, performing in January and February 2022. Space Dogs tickets are available on New York Theatre Guide now.

Space Dogs is a musical about Laika, a stray dog who was chosen to be the first-ever animal in space, and the Chief Designer, a secret Russian scientist who organized the mission that sent her there. That mission was Sputnik 2, the 1957 space flight that took place amid the Cold War. Russian scientists were hoping to attempt human space travel soon, but they used Laika as a guinea pig first, knowing she wouldn't survive. 

Space Dogs tells the heartfelt and ultimately tragic story of the leadup to that fated mission, which includes the political intrigue of the space race, groundbreaking innovation, and the strong friendship that developed between Laika and the Chief Designer.

Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire first presented Space Dogs with MCC Theater in summer 2021. The virtual developmental production used puppets, animation, and guitars to tell the story, in preparation for the full-fledged live performance. Van Hughes and Blaemire also wrote and star in the Space Dogs Off-Broadway premiere. 

Though collaborating with each other for the first time, both men have appeared on the New York Theatre scene as composers and actors. Blaemire has performed on and off Broadway and in national tours, and he composed the short-lived Broadway musical Glory Days. Hughes is best known for starring alongside Billie Joe Armstrong in American Idiot on Broadway, but has also performed in multiple other shows and composed the immersive Off-Broadway musical Burn All Night.

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About Space Dogs:

SPACE DOGS tells the heartbreaking, mind-blowing true story of Laika and the Chief Designer — a stray dog and the top secret Russian scientist who sent her to space during the Cold War. Written and performed by actor-musicians Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire, it is a sweeping, kaleidoscopic tale of invention, betrayal, international political intrigue, and the immortal friendship that exists between man and dog, as they journey together to the stars.

Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire
Ellie Heyman
Songs by:
Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire
Cast list:
Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire
Space Dogs Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
January 25, 2022
Opening date: 
February 13, 2022
Booking to: 
February 13, 2022
March 20, 2022

Performance schedules for all shows are subject to change.

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Space Dogs
MCC Theater announces dates for new musical 'Space Dogs'
December 1, 2021

UPDATE: Space Dogs will now begin performances January 25 and open on February 13. The show will now run through March 6. Executive director Blake West said the decision was made "in conjunction with the creators to safeguard our team at this time and avoid disruption of the preview period. There are not currently any breakthrough infections on the production.”

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If a pair of eager-beaver performances and cute overload were enough to make Space Dogs achieve orbit, then this new Off-Broadway musical about canines’ ill-starred role in a Cold War throwdown, written by and starring Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire, could be categorized as out-of-this-world.