freestyle love supreme

freestyle love supreme

freestyle love supreme heads to the Great White Way, having played a sold-out limited engagement at Off-Broadway's Greenwich House Theater from January to March 2019.

FLS is a high-energy show that is a blend of hip-hop, improvisational theater, music, and vocal stylings, all backed by live music from keyboards and beats. The concept began its life at Weslayan University in Middletown, Connecticut, as a hip hop comedy troupe. It was originally conceived by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and director Thomas Kail, alongside Anthony Veneziale.

Veneziale (aka Two-Touch) is still a full-time member of the troupe, which is also currently comprised of Andrew Bancroft (aka Jelly Donut), Arthur Lewis (aka Arthur The Geniuses), Bill Sherman (aka King Sherman), Chris Sullivan (aka Shockwave), and Utkarsh Ambudkar (aka UTK), but a plethora of guest appearances have been promised sporadically throughout the Broadway run, including Hamilton favorites such as Tony Award nominee Christopher Jackson, Tony Award winner James Monroe Iglehart, Tony Award winner Daveed Diggs, and even Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. 

freestyle love supreme might well be the most unique trip to the theatre during the 2019-2020 Broadway season, encouraging audience participation and boasting improvisational skills that are second to none. And after all, it's not often you get to hear beatboxing on the Great White Way, so why not drop everything and head down to the Booth Theatre as FLS drops the beat?!

(Photos by Joan Marcus)

This show has now closed. See our list of theatre tickets for shows currently on sale.

Running time: 
1hr 20mins (no intermission)
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About freestyle love supreme:

freestyle love supreme features six talented performers providing non-stop action throughout this fast-paced evening, spinning cues from the audience into humorous bits, instantaneous songs and riffs, and fully realized musical numbers. The electrifying vocals of the performers – from singing to rapping to beat-boxing with harmonies and freestyle flow – are backed by tight tunes from keyboards and human percussion.


Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anthony Veneziale
Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jon Steingart and Jill Furman
Thomas Kail
Jeff Croiter
Nevin Steinberg
Beowulf Boritt
Lisa Zinni
Cast list:
Andrew Bancroft (aka Jelly Donut), Arthur Lewis (aka Arthur The Geniuses), Bill Sherman (aka King Sherman), Chris Sullivan (aka Shockwave), Anthony Veneziale (aka Two-Touch), and Utkarsh Ambudkar (aka UTK)
freestyle love supreme Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
September 13, 2019
Opening date: 
October 2, 2019
January 12, 2020

Performance schedules for all shows are subject to change.

Booth Theatre

222 West 45th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue), New York, NY 10036
Nearest subway station:
42nd Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal Station

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Our freestyle love supreme Review

Improvisational theatre and comedy are long-standing New York traditions. I’ve always held in high esteem artists who create performance sequences, let alone entire shows, with little prepped content. The fiendish difficulty of coming up with material spontaneously is exacerbated by the need for a good show to have some semblance of pace and structure.