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Blizzard: What to expect - 1
Blizzard: What to expect - 2
Blizzard: What to expect - 3
New York, NY

Blizzard Tickets

Experience Dottie’s adventure in understanding the human mind.
A person with long hair and a patterned shirt looks surprised as they peek out from behind a curtain in a dimly lit setting.
A woman with shoulder-length brown hair and wearing a red cardigan gestures with her hand on her chest, appearing to express emotion against a dark, abstract backdrop.
Woman with shoulder-length hair stands in profile against a blue-dominant background. She appears to be in deep thought or listening intently, wearing a dark red top.
Blizzard Tickets

About Blizzard

Written and performed by Emily Woof
Directed by Hamish McColl

Dottie & Dottie are an English couple who have been together so long that they share the same pet name. But when Dottie’s neuroscientist husband falls ill, she must deliver a lecture on his behalf.

The journey takes her to a conference in Pontresina, Switzerland, where Nietzsche once holed up. The great thinker looms in the background as Dottie struggles to translate her husband’s rational analysis of the human mind in a way that she and the world can understand. This philosophical adventure asks what is the self, what is thinking, what is the body? And in a godless universe, how do we connect with this thing called the soul?

Actor and author Emily Woof (The Full Monty) gives an expressive performance full of humor and joy, and makes use of mixed media storytelling techniques, simple props, and dance to unspool a surreal investigation of what it means to be a fully-integrated human.

Run time

1hr. No intermission.

Start date

June 12th, 2024

End date

June 30th, 2024


Ages 16+.

Blizzard: What to expect - 1
Blizzard: What to expect - 2
Blizzard: What to expect - 3


59 East 59th Street, New York, NY, United States, 10022

Show schedule

Day of weekMatineeEvening
Tuesday-7:30 PM
Thursday-7:30 PM
Saturday-7:30 PM
Sunday2:30 PM-

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