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ARTECHOUSE: World of AI·magination
ARTECHOUSE: World of AI·magination Tickets

ARTECHOUSE: World of AI·magination Tickets

New York
Artechouse NYC

Discover "World of AI·magination": Where human creativity and artificial imagination unlock every pixel to a portal of unlimited wonder.

"World of AI·magination" is ARTECHOUSE Studios' poetic homage to the ageless power of imagination. This mesmerizing audio-visual story underscores the idea that no matter our age or position, a part of us remains in perpetual wonder, always yearning to explore new possibilities.

Masterfully combining generative algorithms with human creativity to create a unique visual experience, it invites us into an expansive universe encapsulated within every pixel, stirring curiosity and fueling imagination.

On view for a limited time only at ARTECHOUSE - New York City's Original Home for Digital Art.

Run time

40m to 1h

Opening date

December 1st, 2023

Closing date

March 17th, 2024