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Colored Silk: A Civil War Odyssey
Colored Silk: A Civil War Odyssey Tickets

Colored Silk: A Civil War Odyssey Tickets

New York City
Players Theatre
2 Nov 2023 - 19 Nov 2023

"Colored Silk" is a one-woman Civil War drama by Tami Tyree based upon the narrative of Elizabeth Keckley (1818-1907) whose extraordinary needlework afforded her a prosperous life. “Lizzie” was a self-emancipated slave and dressmaker for Mary Todd Lincoln. Ms.Tyree’s portrayal restates and imagines Elizabeth’s ‘odyssey’ through the south and midwest. Punctuated by nightmares, obstacles and sacrifices, her ascendance to the Nation’s Capital proves to be both triumphant and tragic. VIP tickets include a drink, signed program, and historical journal by the author.

Please note that if you are late to the performance, the house staff reserves the right to seat you where you will cause the least disruption to the other patrons.

Opening date

November 2nd, 2023

Closing date

November 19th, 2023