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Diary of a Madman Tickets

Diary of a Madman Tickets

New York
Pushkin Hall
26 May 2023 - 5 Aug 2023

Diary of a Madman, considered Gogol's best short story, is a first-person narrative presented in the form of a diary. It is the tale of Aksenty Ivanovich Poprishchin, a lowly government clerk who gradually descends into madness. At the beginning, Poprischin records his frustrations and humiliations with restraint, rationalizing various attacks from society to his dignity. Over time, however, reason gives way to delusion and his schizophrenic mumblings spin out of control. Through journal entries, Poprishchin leads us through the corridors of his topsy-turvy world, from his hateful job and crush on his employer's daughter, to his encounters with letter-writing dogs, to the torture he undergoes at the hands of the Spanish "Inquisitor."

Tom Schubert comes spectacularly unhinged in the title role along with actors Albert Baker, Sarah O’Donnell and Luisa Menzen. Adapted and directed by Aleksey Burago.

Run time

90 mins

Opening date

May 26th, 2023

Closing date

August 5th, 2023




Pushkin Hall