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Troy Hawke: Sigmund Troy'd Tickets

Troy Hawke: Sigmund Troy'd Tickets

New York
30 Nov 2022 - 10 Dec 2022

Award winning comedian Milo McCabe heads to New York with his alter-ego Troy Hawke, the 1930’s matinee idol comedic investigator, in a brand-new show ‘Sig-mund Troy’d!’. This show has already won him Best Show at this year’s Leicester Comedy Awards.

Raised and home schooled in her favourite era by his overprotective mother, Troy was finally released into the world and now dedicates his time to uncovering everyday dangers and conspiracies that other people seem to take for granted.

Last year he found the nefarious link between IKEA, the Nazis and Kanye West. Now 1930’s throwback home-schooled investigator Troy Hawke returns to battle a new enemy on behalf of all people everywhere…PSYCHOTHERAPY!

Troy Hawke creator Milo McCabe trained to be a psychotherapist before abandoning his studies to pursue comedy. This show is an affectionate reverse love-letter reflecting the effectiveness of therapy as well as all the reasons clients will find to avoid the home truths they really need to hear.

It takes in Imposter Syndrome, narcissistic parents, helpers high, denial and dis-placement via a system of scrabble-based numerology and ‘character comedy at its best’.

Run time

60 mins

Opening date

November 30th, 2022

Closing date

December 10th, 2022




SoHo Playhouse



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