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Trilogy II Tickets

Trilogy II Tickets

New York
The Gene Frankel Theatre
15 Mar 2023 - 2 Apr 2023


Three one-act plays exploring our humanity and struggles between good and evil.

FORT KNOX A barber’s son falls in love with a girl who is a product of extraordinary abuse. The age difference is relatively significant but pales in comparison to her experiences at a young and tender age of 12 going on 13. Amid illegal gambling and trying to keep his head above water, LAIR, the owner of the barber shop must save his son from a life altering love affair.

FLIGHT RISK Man is detained in his attempt to travel internationally on vacation with his wife because of a recent felony. In the holding cell at the airport, he experiences an epiphany as the few men in the cell share their life stories and concerns about the world. FLIGHT RISK is an attempt at addressing the challenges of racism, sexism, and the current split in our political dynamic.

ILL WINDS ILL Winds is about a boxer with a drug addiction who struggle to maintain custody of his son who has MS. His wife and manager are all at their wits end regarding his addiction; his wife threatens to put his son away, his manager no longer want to handle him as he vows to fight himself out of his dilemma.

Run time

90 mins

Opening date

March 15th, 2023

Closing date

April 2nd, 2023




The Gene Frankel Theatre