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Corsicana Tickets

Corsicana Tickets

New York
2 Jun 2022 - 17 Jul 2022
Family gets a new meaning in this new play.

Corsicana Information

The world premiere of Will Arbery's Corsicana is at Playwrights Horizons as part of the 2021-2022 Off-Broadway season. Corsicana tickets in New York are on sale soon.

The Corsicana play takes place in the Texas city of the same name. Its central characters are four people who create a found family, beginning with Ginny, a woman with Down syndrome; and Chris, her half-brother. They have been shaken by their mother's death and don't know where to turn. The siblings receive help from Justice, a close family friend of theirs, as she introduces them to a reclusive local artist named Lot.

Justice hopes Lot will be able to help Ginny by having them "make a song together." Corsicana is about how people take care of each other and get taken care of, and how seemingly disparate people can find each other and become a new kind of family.

Arbery is a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his 2019 play Heroes of the Fourth Turning, about a group of young conservatives whose post-college reunion devolves into bitter debate as they try to be understood among each other. Arbery, who has lived in Texas and Wyoming, often writes about life in these states and the profound relationships between the people there that aren't always seen on stage.

Opening date

June 2nd, 2022

Closing date

July 17th, 2022


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Our review


In the program note for his new play, Corsicana, playwright Will Arbery writes that he wanted to only write, "Corsicana is a small city in Texas. This play is about four people who live there." In that spirit, I'll summarize his show just as simply: An adult brother and sister have lost their mother. Through a family friend, the brother connects his sister with a local artist/songwriter, hoping them writing a song together will help her cope.The minimal plot leaves room for a delicate character...