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¡Americano! Tickets

¡Americano! Tickets

New York
31 Mar 2022 - 19 Jun 2022
The new musical about a Dreamer from voices we need to be listening to.
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¡Americano! Information

¡Americano! tells the true story of Tony Valdovinos, a Dreamer who changed his dreams to help others live a better life. ¡Americano! tickets are available on New York Theatre Guide now.

The ¡Americano! musical begins with young Tony in Phoenix, Arizona, where he grew up. In the wake of 9/11, he becomes inspired to join the Marines, a dream he carries with him throughout his youth. He plans to enlist the very day he turns 18, and his childhood and high school years center on that goal. But when that birthday finally comes, Tony discovers he can't enlist. He learns that he is an undocumented immigrant, also known as a Dreamer, making him ineligible.

Sad at first, Tony eventually musters his energy and throws it toward a new dream, one that, he realizes, can help more people than any deployment would. With the support of his loved ones, Tony starts on a path to a career in politics, implementing policy to help Latin American people and immigrants like him. ¡Americano! celebrates the invaluable nature of immigrants and diverse populations to the success of America.

Prior to the ¡Americano! Off-Broadway premiere, the musical had its world premiere with — fittingly — the Phoenix Theatre Company in Arizona, where it broke records. ¡Americano! features music and lyrics by Ameri-Chicana singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez; a book by Michael Barnard, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Fernanda Santos (Barnard also directs, and he wrote additional lyrics with Rosenberg); and choreography by Sergio Mejia. The first performance of ¡Americano! is on March 31, the birthday of civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, which some observe as a day of service and a commemoration of his legacy.

Tickets to ¡Americano! are available now. Get your ¡Americano! tickets on New York Theatre Guide today.

The new musical ¡Americano! tells the true story of Tony Valdovinos.

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Tony is inspired by the events of 9/11 to serve in the Marines. His childhood and high school years are focused on the singular goal of enlisting on his 18th birthday. But when he tries, Tony discovers he is an undocumented immigrant, a Dreamer. With grit, determination, and help from his family and community, Tony discovers a new mission: one that can make history, create more good, and inspire more change than he ever could as a Marine.

With an energetic score by the Ameri-Chicana singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez and exuberant choreography by Sergio Mejia, ¡Americano! challenges preconceived notions and reminds us that America’s strength has always been its melting pot, and the enterprising immigrants who #PaveTheWay.

Run time

2h 30m

Opening date

March 31st, 2022

Closing date

June 19th, 2022




May be inappropriate for 12 and under.