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Letters Of Suresh
Letters Of Suresh  Tickets

Letters Of Suresh Tickets

New York
14 Sep 2021 -

In Letters of Suresh, playwright Rajiv Joseph reveals intimate mysteries through a series of letters between strangers, friends, daughters, and lovers — many with little in common but a hunger for human connection. ​Sending their hopes and dreams across oceans and years, they seek peace in one another while dreaming of a city once consumed by the scourge of war. ​A companion piece to Joseph’s play Animals Out of Paper, Letters of Suresh, directed by May Adrales, is the latest work from the Pulitzer Prize-short listed playwright hailed as “wonderfully daring, imaginative, and compassionate” (The New York Times).

Opening date

September 14th, 2021


Off-Broadway, Plays


Tony Kiser Theater

Our review

Photo by Joan Marcus

In theatre, an oft-cited rule is that acting is reacting. So what are the characters of playwright Rajiv Joseph's Letters to Suresh to do when all they've been tasked with is reciting the contents of their exposition-heavy letters aloud in direct address to the audience? The answer is to serve as talking heads for material that feels better suited for an article in The New Yorker than it does for an Off-Broadway play. The plot revolves around an origami genius named Suresh (Ramiz Monsef) who...

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Photo credit: Ali Ahn (Photo courtesy of Second Stage Theater)

When the casting notice came out that Letters of Suresh, the new play from Rajiv Joseph being produced at Second Stage Theater, actor Ali Ahn texted every Asian American actor friend she knew working in New York City. It was because the show had two prominent East Asian roles and one Indian role. "It's very rare to have a story that centers around an Asian American character's growth," said Ahn.Ahn ended up getting a role, and her character now opens the new play Letters of Suresh, currently...