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Greater Clements Tickets

Greater Clements Tickets

Greater Clements Information

Lincoln Center Theater presents Greater Clements, a new play by Samuel D. Hunter, directed by David McCallum, as part of its 2019-2020 season.

(Photos by Charles T. Erickson)

"The best new play of the year!" – The Washington Post

★★★★★ – Time Out

"JUDITH IVEY is terrific. It's no small compliment to say that EDMUND DONOVAN is her match." – The New York Times

GREATER CLEMENTS takes place in the fictional town of Greater Clements, Idaho, a mining community where properties are being purchased by wealthy out-of-state people, forcing out lifelong residents — largely blue-collar workers — who are becoming disenfranchised and disenchanted. The story is told through Maggie, played by the marvelous Judith Ivey. Through the author’s quirky humor, keen observation and deep sensitivity to these idiosyncratic characters, we see just how hard it might be to leave the past behind.

Run time

Approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes, with two intermissions

Opening date

November 14th, 2019

Closing date

January 19th, 2020




Lincoln Center Theater - Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater



Our review

Judith Ivey & Edmund Donovan, with Nina Hellman, Ken Narasaki & Andrew Garman in Greater Clements

What in tarnation is going on here? Why the sudden glut of plays that are three hours long? Have all the dramaturges traded in their shingles for a "Gone Fishin'" sign? Three hours is just too damn long - The Ferryman is an exception. Greater Clements has now joined the three hour club, and for no good reason unless exposition and obfuscation are your preferred delivery formats for the theatre.Let's start with the good news. Samuel D. Hunter has created a character, Joe, who is unstable in the...

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