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Make Believe Tickets

Make Believe Tickets

New York
30 Jul 2019 - 22 Sep 2019

Make Believe Information

Second Stage Theater concludes its 40th Anniversary Season off-Broadway with the New York premiere of Bess Wohl's Make Believe, directed by four-time Tony Award nominee Michael Greif.

(Photos by Joan Marcus)

When does real life collide with make believe? For the four Conlee kids, ages 5 to 10, playing house is no longer a game when their parents inexplicably disappear. Thirty-two years later, their search for answers continues. Make Believe offers a look inside the minds of children, their parents and the mysteries of childhood that haunt us forever.

Run time

80 minutes, no intermission

Opening date

July 30th, 2019

Closing date

September 22nd, 2019


Closing Soon

Previews from

July 30th, 2019


Tony Kiser Theater

Cast and creative

By: Bess Wohl
Director: Michael Greif
Producer: Second Stage Theater
Cast list: Kim Fischer (as Chris), Susannah Flood (as Addie), Ryan Foust (as Chris), Harrison Fox (as Carl), Maren Heary (as Kate), Brad Heberlee (as Carl), and Samantha Mathis (as Kate)

Our review

Kim Fischer, Susannah Flood, Samantha Mathis & Brad Heberlee in Make Believe

As we grow up, do we lose our ability to make believe? Or do we merely get better at the nuances of pretending and master the skill of mirroring the way we believe ourselves to fit in the world?In Bess Wohl's Make Believe, now playing at Second Stage's Tony Kiser Theater, the Conlee children face two tragedies, the departure of their mother under unknown circumstances and the death of a family member 32 years later, reuniting them.We get to see what has become of these children, how their quirks...