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The Pavilion

Written by: Craig Wright
Directed by: Lucie Tiberghein
Cast: Stephen Bogardus, Brian D�Arcy James and Jennifer Mudg.
Synopsis: At the Pavilion, a 100-year-old dance hall in Pine City, MN, the lives of ex-sweethearts Peter Mollberg and Kari Hermanson -- and dozens of other characters, as well -- intertwine once more to form a pattern of love and loss..

What the critics had to say.....

CHARLES ISHERWOOD of the NEW YORK TIMES says �The director, Lucie Tiberghien, and her first-rate cast of three present the play with an appealing delicacy and sincerity, recognizing that Mr. Wright's tale of what-might-have-beens doesn't need much adornment to seduce the unrepentant romantics in the audience, and may even disarm a cynic or two with its lyrical discourse on missed chances and lost opportunities.�
FRANK SCHECK of the NEW YORK POST says "Despite some lovely writing and fine performances, "The Pavilion" ultimately seems as rickety as the wooden structure providing its title.
LINDA WINER of the NEWSDAY says "Despite an accomplished and attractive three-actor cast, the drama is an overwritten cosmic contrivance."
JUSTIN BERGMAN of ASSOCIATED PRESS says "It's rare for a simple play performed on a bare stage with a small cast to delve so deeply into the human condition."
LARRY WORTH of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says "Wright returns to his old stomping ground in that he's still depicting everyday folks leading lives of quiet desperation. And within that structure, he once again mines copious amounts of humor, sadness and universal truths."

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