The Grand Inquisitor

  • Date:
    October 1, 2008

    What the press had to say.....

    "Though it has a hypnotic central presence in Bruce Myers, who slides between the roles of narrator and Inquisitor, this 50-minute play offers little in the way of revelation." & "Mr. Brook�s production never transcends the status of an elegant intellectual puzzle play."
    Ben Brantley
    New York Times

    "Hews close enough to Dostoyevsky's text, but what is meat for a Russian novel is poison for the stage. A mere 48 minutes to perform, it's a season in hell to endure." & "All that is avant here, and to be guarded against, is the pretense that this is theater, either in quality or quantity." & "Sitting through ``The Grand Inquisitor'' is admittedly preferable to being burned at the stake, but only just."
    John Simon

    "Bruce Myers... 55-minute monologue is hypnotic and provocative, requiring listeners to pay close attention. That the experience is primarily textual, an almost word-by-word adaptation of Dostoyevsky that eschews conflict, doesn't take away from Myers' accomplishment." & "The cachet here is the Brook (Director) name, particularly as we see his work so rarely on these shores. Even a potentially dry evening such as this one is in his hands thoughtful and shrewd.
    David A. Rosenberg
    Back Stage

    "Delivered by a magisterial Bruce Myers lecturing a mute Christ, the harsh but brilliantly argued critique of the bedrock positions of Christian theology lands with a shock." & "Poised to land on the head of a pin, Brook's directorial focus becomes narrower and more pointed, until the jaw-dropping timeliness of Dostoyevsky's message becomes inescapable."
    David Rooney