The Bacchae

  • Date:
    August 1, 2009

    "this show lacks: mystery, grace, charisma and ... teeth."
    Ben Brantley
    New York Times

    "the wildest, most violent plays in the Greek canon. But until the very last minutes, you'd be hard-pressed to find much ferocity in JoAnne Akalaitis' production"
    Elisabeth Vincentelli
    New York Post

    "a largely unharmonious production."
    John Simon

    "worth the trip for serious theatergoers"
    Erik Haagensen
    Back Stage

    " A strong cast, eerie choreography, and lively special effects enrich the music-laden, occasionally humorous tale of power struggles, hubris and the futility of resistance to change." & " leaves the audience emotionally drained."
    Jennifer Farrar
    Associated Press

    " 'Groff doesn't muster the ferocious anger Dionysus turns on the leaders of Thebes for rejecting his claims to divinity and banning his dangerous new religion. Nor is he particularly believable as an Olympian stud... "
    Marilyn Stasio