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Sex With Strangers

What the popular press said...

"The play takes a while to work up a head of steam. Mr. Schwimmer's direction feels a little slack in the first act, although Ms. Eason's writing also has its plodding passages."
Charles Isherwood for New York Times

"Sex with Strangers is a juicy summer beach play. You can't savor it surfside, but just like a page-turner, this smart comedy pulls you in and keeps you wondering what's coming next..."
Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"Still, it's hot — or should I say cool? In any case, it's only a slight criticism of Sex With Strangers to say that it's great summer entertainment."
Jesse Green for Vulture

"There is no reason that playwright Laura Eason's frankly sitcommy premise should work. And yet it does, thanks to fluid direction by David Schwimmer (yes, that David Schwimmer) and charmingly forthright performances by the two-member cast."
Thom Geier for Entertainment Weekly

"I don't fault the two actors, who are thoroughly enjoyable to watch despite a somewhat tentative directorial hand from David Schwimmer that, for example, indulges Magnussen's tendency to push the horny-17-year-old-within just a bit too often." Jeremy Gerard for Deadline

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