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Our Town

Our Town

What the popular press said...

CHARLES ISHERWOOD for NEW YORK TIMES says, "Modest but highly rewarding production,"

JOE DZIEMIANOWICZ for NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says, "Riveting new production."

FRANK SCHECK for NEW YORK POST says, "Wonderful production."

JOHN SIMON for BLOOMBERG says, "Cromer's version ...strikes me as a mindless demolition job."

ADAM R.PERLMAN for BACK STAGE says, "I didn't feel like I was watching American life, but a foreign concept of it. The play may still be called Our Town, but it feels far from it."

MICHAEL KUCHWARA for ASSOCIATED PRESS says, "Astonishingly reinvented by director David Cromer in an intimate yet unsentimental production that resonates with a clarity that breathes new life into one of the 20th century's great American plays."

MARILYN STASIO for VARIETY says, "The avoidance of sentimentality is admirable, but the almost complete lack of emotion in this performance style is so extreme it amounts to anti-sentiment."

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