• Date:
    August 1, 2007


    What the press had to say.....

    Charles Isherwood of The New York Times: �Although its even-tempered restraint is compromised by an overwrought finale, the play is for the most part marked by a nuanced intelligence in its depiction of the complex relationship between musicians� lives and their art."

    Michael Sommers of Star-Ledger: "If the 90-minute composition Hollinger presents proves unsurprising, at least his trim, non-linear structure keeps matters from seeming overly predictable.

    Eric Grode of the New York Sun: "As artistic differences give way to turf battles and melodramatic standoffs, the results range from diverting to provocative to, well, still kind of boring."

    Julie Reed of the Associated Press: "An engaging glimpse into the hidden, intrigue-laden realm of the professional musician. "

    Mark Blankenship of Variety: "For a play that talks so much about passion, 'Opus' is almost aggressively devoid of it." & "Hollinger delivers such obvious clues that his conclusion is visible long before it arrives."

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