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Love Child

What the press had to say.....

"One of the funniest plays-about-a-play that you will see involves two men literally spinning from one character into the next." & Jenkins and Stanton work wonders using versatility, talent and timing. Their physical comedy is often riotous..." & "Fun increases exponentially as events threaten to reel out of control...Jenkins and Stanton somehow keep things together, no matter how zany the plot becomes."
Jennifer Farrar
Associated Press

""Love Child" has the two most important elements of a farce: a plot that gets ludicrously complex and artists who keep the chaos under control." & "The director doesn't linger. Jokes and revelations land, and then it's on to the next bit. Many helmers would stretch these moments out, insisting we take them in, but Forsman trusts us to follow along. That's the kind of confidence that makes a farce satisfying."
Mark Blankenship

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