Time Being at Theatre 3

Fildwith Ensemble Theatre presents the musical Time Being, book and lyrics by Erika Stadtlander with music by Ion Ionescu, at Theatre 3 from 26 Apr - 13 May 2007.

Time Being: Explores the emotions of a passionate, bewildered group of young souls attempting to make the most of their brief physical time on earth � and to understand the purposeful significance of the human attachments they make there.

The story takes place in a surrealistic spot where, during the time each day that their physical bodies are sleeping and their minds are dreaming, eight distinct souls meet to work out their frustrations and confusion about life. The eight characters bond, clash, ask countless unanswered questions� and ultimately realize that they are all deeply connected and that existence would be unthinkable without one another.

Guided by three more experienced souls, the spirits learn that the 'deal to feel' � to inhabit a body, to experience physical sensation and human emotion � is never easy and comes with much pain and discomfort, but also incomparable rewards.

Directed by Erika Stadtlander and Sean M. Littlejohn, with choreography by Jessica Northrop, Time Being has a cast of 11 actors, aged 7 - 30.

Costumes by Nancy Lindig with lighting by Anjeanette Stokes.