The Potluck Plays at Michael Weller Theatre

The Milk Can Theatre Company concludes its fourth season with The Potluck Plays, a premiere of seven original plays in ten-minute form. Each play is based on a recipe. Seven playwrights randomly drew a recipe from a hat, with each recipe representing a course for a potluck dinner: appetizer, salad, main course, vegetables, dessert, and drink. The result is a seven course theatrical feast.

The Potluck Plays are presented at the Ohio Theater from 3 - 14

  • Answering
    Playwright: Tom Nondorf
    Director: Tom Nondorf
    Synopsis: A man and woman enter someone else's house and wait for a phone call.
    Cast: Antonia Barba and Steve Maruzzelli

  • Eggnostic
    Playwright: Bethany Larsen
    Director: Ryan Ratelle
    Synopsis: Four old friends who happen to be family have a lot of catching up to do. As one couple drifts apart, the other grows closer, and all of them discover that religion and politics don't make for friendly conversation-- especially on Christmas.
    Cast: Satomi Blair, Chris Kloko, Brian Pracht and Cynthia Rice

  • Punch
    Playwright: ML Kinney
    Director: ML Kinney
    Synopsis: Mix, boil, simmer then strain. Two women are tossed together and use the vocabulary of the senses to discover each other.
    Cast: Satomi Blair and Kirsten Walsh

  • Swimming Uptown
    Playwright: Cheryl Davis
    Director: Jill Landaker
    Cast: Candice Fortin and Adia Tucker

  • Salad Days
    Playwright: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
    Director: Kimberly VerSteeg
    Synopsis: Two city slickers clash with the world of casseroles and Jell-o molds.
    Cast: Chris Kloko, Tessa Faye and Elizabeth Kerins

  • The Potato Play: A Brief & Inaccurate History of the Potato
    Playwright: Melissa Fendell
    Director: Melissa Fendell
    Synopsis: One tribe conquers another looking for power. One country invades another looking for gold. And meanwhile, a boyfriend is just trying to get his big break.
    Cast: Jean Goto, Jason Griffith, Liz Maestri, Matthew Murumba, Amira Nader, Shayna Padovano, Sonja Sweeney and Baris Tuncer

  • The Cooking King
    Playwright: Sharon E. Cooper
    Director: Riv Massey
    Cast: Chris Catalano, Marta Kuerston and Matt Stapleton