Seafarer to play on Broadway in the fall of 2007.

Conor McPherson's play Seafarer, which played to critical acclaim at London's National Theatre from Sep 2006 - Jan 2007, is to open on Broadway in the fall of 2007 according to a casting audition notice.

As in the London production, Conor McPherson will direct his play, which tells the story of Sharky who has returned to Dublin, on Christmas Eve, to look after his irascible, ageing brother who�s recently gone blind. Old drinking buddies Ivan and Nicky are holed up at the house too, hoping to play some cards. But with the arrival of a stranger from the distant past, the stakes are raised ever higher. In fact, Sharky may be playing for his very soul�

The British press said of Seafarer: "Compelling...meticulously-wrought production, the finest ensemble acting in town." ; (Eveving Standard); "Sparkling and suspenseful new play" (Guardian); "Making his brilliant National Theatre debut as author and director, Conor McPherson�s new play powerfully recalls Pinter�s The Homecoming" (The Stage).

The London cast featured Ron Cook (Mr Lockhart), Conleth Hill (Ivan Curry), Karl Johnson (James 'Sharky' Harkin), Jim Norton (Richard Harkin), Michael McElhatton (Nicky Giblin).

The role of Richard Harkin, according to the notice, has already been cast, it is not known who will play the part. It may possibly be Jim Norton, whose portrayal of the character in the London production earned him a 2007 Olivier Award for Best Performance In A Supporting Role.

The plays producer's are listed as Boyett-Ostar Enterprises.

The casting call is for five men to play the following roles:

  • James �Sharky� Harkin: Late 40s - 50s. A middle aged alcoholic with a trashed past and a bleak future who has vowed to stay sober for the holidays. Has been labeled a loser by his family for so long, it�s stuck. Once attractive, now he is weathered and beaten. Has a sweetly shy nature (when sober) and is appealing in a quiet way. An erstwhile fisherman/van driver/chauffeur, now reduced to being his brothers keeper. Haunted.
  • Richard Harkin: CAST, Understudy only sought. Late 50s - 60s. Sharky�s older brother; recently gone blind. An incorrigible roaring drunk with a cruel streak. Feisty, cantankerous dictatorial, manipulative. An emotional tyrant.
  • Ivan Curry: 40s. An old friend/drinking buddy of the Harkins�. A sweet, hapless, good-hearted, good-humored, befuddled man. Emerges from binges unable to remember where he has parked his car or left his glasses. Also has a past which is not obviously haunting him now but will catch up with him one day.
  • Nicky Giblin: Late 40s - 50s. A friend of Richard�s. A smooth talker; cocksure, amiable, street-wise. Wants to be a player but never will be. Living with Sharkey�s ex-wife, caring for Sharky�s kids. At heart, not a bad guy.
  • Mr. Lockhart: 50s. An acquaintance of Nicky�s. An enigmatic stranger; an outsider with an unspoken agenda. Nothing obviously off about him. Charming and easy until he states his real purpose. Dapper, obviously more well off than the other fellows.