Rent is now booking to 30 Sep 2007

The Broadway musical Rent is now taking bookings to 30 Sep 2007 at the Nederlander Theatre.

The show opened at the Nederlander on 29 Apr 1996, following a successful off-Broadway run.

Rent is the story of Le Boheme retold about poor New Yorkers on Lower East Side with a different ending.

The musical, directed Michael Greif and choreographed by Marlies Yearby, features Nicolette Hart (Maureen), Tonya Dixon (Joanne), D'Monroe (Benny), Christopher J. Hanke (Mark), Troy Horne (Collins), Tim Howar (Roger), Justin Johnston (Angel), and Jaime Lee Kirchner (Mimi).

The show has set design by Paul Clay, costumes by Angela Wendt and lighting by Blake Burba.