Interview with Blackbird star Jeff Daniels

Emmy winner and Golden Globe nominee Jeff Daniels recently received a Tony nomination for his latest Broadway role, alongside Michelle Williams in Blackbird at the Belasco Theatre.

He has previously starred on the Great White Way in 'Redwood Curtain,' 'The Golden Age,' 'Fifth of July,' and, of course, 'God of Carnage,' for which he received his first Tony nomination. His many film appearances include "Dumb & Dumber," "The Martian," "Steve Jobbs," "101 Dalmatians," "Good Night, and Good Luck." and countless others.

We bumped into Jeff recently for a brief encounter, before he was whisked away to an important luncheon, but thought we would just share it with you...


Thomas Hayden Millward: It’s lovely to meet you, Jeff. I saw ‘Blackbird’ a few weeks ago and you and Michelle Williams were understandably exhausted by the time you took your bows. How do you keep going with such an emotionally demanding play eight times a week?

Jeff Daniels: Well, you have to rest and you have to sleep and you have to eat right. You have to train like an Olympic athlete, especially at my age! Everything has to happen at 8 o’clock every night. The only way to do this play is to throw everything you’ve got at it. It won’t let you do anything else and it’s not as good if you don’t do that. We made a pact early on that it would be all-in every night. We’ve got about three weeks to go and I’m happy to say we’ve given everything we had every night. We didn’t hold anything back. It’s a hard role to do eight times a week, but I’m really proud of how we’ve attacked it.

THM: For those undecided of what to see on a night out on Broadway, could you tell us what we could expect from ‘Blackbird’?

JD: If you really wanna see ‘Jersey Boys’ again, then you shouldn’t come to ‘Blackbird.’ But if you wanna see great drama that will grab you from the first moment on and not let you go, then you should come and see ‘Blackbird.’


Blackbird is booking through to 11 June 2016 at Broadway's Belasco Theatre. Click HERE to buy tickets!